The technician, KEN LIU, was born to do electrical and mechanical troubleshooting. He welcomes challenges and is able to fix many appliances even when parts are no longer available.

For over a decade, before starting his business, Ken gained varied experience and new skills working as a service technician in the Lower Mainland. He demonstrated his commitment to his work with an employer by setting a record; finishing 182 calls in one month, averaging 12 customers and 9 calls completed per day. He loves a challenge and has rebuilt many used appliances. Ken has fixed all the seal systems for big fridges in many customers’ homes, wanting to spare them the inconvenience of sending the fridges to the shop, as other technicians would have done.

To sharpen his diagnostic skills Ken has spent long hours studying the mechanical workings of various appliances. He opened every component, including every kind of transmission, and even cut apart compressors in order to study them.

Ken considers an accurate diagnostic to be a technician’s most important responsibility. Customers should never need to replace a high cost appliance because of a misdiagnosis.

His dedication and skills have been recognized. Ken was named Outstanding Employee In 1999 and 2002. He has also received recognition from Company for two inventions in 2002 and 2003.

Ken went to Kwantlen University College, completing his studies for Appliance Technician (Red Seal course) in 2006 and before that had completed electrical and engineering courses at BCIT. He also has a degree with a major in Electric Automation from Hunan Engineering University. In addition, Ken has taken advantage of numerous professional and training seminars.

With a combination of a solid work record, engineering experience and an extensive education, it is very difficult to find a technician with the range and combination of skills that Ken has.

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