These are some tips for conventional appliances.
Please pay more attention for safety. 

We do not accept any responsibility 
for misdiagnosis or any damage to person 
and your appliance and property. 

Calling a professionally trained 
Technician is always recom-mended. 

• Will not start Check the main power. Check the door switches. Check the timer etc.
• No water in Make sure the water valve is open. Check the main power. Check the voltage on solenoid valve. If there is power and screen is clean, the solenoid valve is faulty. Check the float or float switch. Check the door switches and timer, etc.
• Timer will not go advice Check the volt to timer motor. If there is power, the timer is faulty. Check all the wires and connections. Check the heater and THST. Check other switches etc.
• No drain Check the drain hose for kinks or blockage. Check the power to drain pump. Check the flapper valve or drain solenoid is operating. Check the drain impeller is worn or damaged.
• Will not clean the dishes Check for correct water level. Check water temperature in the dishwasher. Check that the pump is pumping the water. Check that the spray arm is free and holes are clear. Check the internal gaskets for leaks. Check the drain completely. Check that dishes are properly loaded. Try a different detergent. back to top WASHER
• No water in Check the power. Check water hose for kink. Check voltage on fill water valve. Check water pressure switch. Check timer.
• Motor not running Check timer connections. Check lid switch. Check water pressure switch. Check the power on motor.
• Washer does not agitate Check coupling or belt. Check the dogs or spline in agitator. Check transmission.
• Washer does not spin Check belt or coupler. Check motor.. Check lid switch. Check timer.
• No drainage Check drain hose for kink or blockage Check pump Check lid switch Check motor and belt or coupler Check timer etc
• Noisy during spin cycle Check balance and suspension Check bearings Check transmission or pulley Check if coins or something stuck.
• Spins too slowly Check clutch for worn out Spin basket not balanced. Check if clothes or something stuck between basket and tub. Check spin bearing or transmission.
• Does not agitate or spin, but motor runs Motor coupler or belt broken Transmission worn out back to top DRYER
• Motor does not run Check door switch Check belt switch Check for blockage Check motor and timer
• Drum does not turn Check belt and idler arm or wheel Check support rollers and pads Check for blockage
• No heat Check 240V power Check thermostats Check heat selector switch Check heating element Check motor centrifugal switch Check timer
• Not completely drying Check air flow ducts for blockage Check the temperature Check heat selector switch Check heater Check lint filter Check timer back to top RANGE/STOVE
• Uneven oven cooking Check door gaskets. Check oven sensor and bulb for bad mounting or blockage. Check the oven control.
• Surface elements do not heat or are just warm Check 240V power Check if the element terminals are burnt out. Check for burnt out plug-in blocks. Check the surface switches. Check wiring. Check element coil. back to top REFRIGERATOR
• Refrigerator does not start Check light to make sure there is power. Check defrost timer. Check temperature control. Check wiring.
• Compressor runs all the time Check that door seals properly Check if interior light stays on Check temperature control Check for good air flow on condenser Check for seal system leakage Check if the compressor is worn out
• Compressor runs for seconds then clicks off Check 120V power and ensure no loose wire connections Check condenser cooling fan if hot air surround Check compressor start relay Check seal system for blockage or restriction Check if compressor is worn out
• No defrost Check door seals Check defrost timer Check defrost heater Check defrost thermostat Check wiring Check drainage
• Not cold enough Check for frost built up Check air flow restriction Check evaporator fan Check condenser fan Keep condenser clean Check door seal Check temperature control Too much food Seal system leaking or restriction Compressor worn out back to top FOOD WASTER DISPOSER
• Humming Switch off power and tag it Clear jammed turntable Motor faulty if turntable is free
• Completely quiet Check the power Switch off power and tag it Clear jammed turntable Reset overload button back to top ERROR CODES Error codes for range oven control EOC: These are common. Different model with different error codes. Will upgrade later. F1: control failure: touch pad or control itself. F2: oven temperature oven limit F3: oven sensor RTD failure: open or shorted F8 F9: oven door lock failure. back to top
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